Rosislos Blvd

   No conversation about place names on Gabriola Island would be complete without recounting the story of Rosislos Blvd.

   Of course Realtors have played a part in the development of Gabriola Island and in the ‘60s a city Realtor named Violet Chernoff approached local land-owner Don Ross about selling his land just off Berry Point Road. Ms.Chernoff was part of the 600+ lot ‘Harrison Estates’ development at that time and Mr. Ross was reluctant. The persistent developer convinced him to sell however – for a low price, since ‘only two lots’ would be created out of the acreage.


on a clear day you can see the mountains from the top of rosislos

The view from the top of Rosislos on a hazy day

   When the dust settled, over 20 lots were created – and sold for quite a profit for the wily Ms.Chernoff. To add insult to injury, she named one of the roads she built “Rosislos’ to remind Mr.Ross of his ‘loss’.

   Fortunately Mr.Ross was recognized at a later date by another Realtor – Bert Hill – who named Ross Way after him in what was considered ‘uptown’ Gabriola.


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