George Street and Whalley

 “I love blondes – no matter what colour their hair is”.

Many of Gabriola’s seasoned veterans will instantly recognize that as a quote from one of the island’s most colourful characters – Walter Krull. He built houses and barns and roads and just about whatever you wanted back in the days when tradesmen were as scarce as building permits.

When the Mander family did a small subdivision – Mander Estates – off Stalker Road, they decided to name one of the roads they created after the charming Walter. ‘Whalley Road’ runs off Stalker Road and was a dead-end until recently when Hyham Road was created to access some new waterfront properties that appeared as a result of the uncharacteristic subdivision of an old farm.

Whalley Rd. from Stalker

Whalley Rd, named after Walter Krull, runs off Stalker Road and connects it to the newly created Hyham Road.

Walter himself owned some land close to Silva Bay and did a small subdivision of his own off Marvin Road. When it came time to name the new road, Walter was not around to talk to the highways department inspector  – but his neighbour George Detweiller was, and now we have George Road.   That is a case of being in the right place at the right time…for George that is.


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  1. Rick #

    OOOH…OOOH…OOOH…I love Blondes…..Riiight…riiiight….riiiight!!!

  2. Gabriolore #

    Walter was indeed a character and spent many an afternoon at the White Hart. Stevo the roofer had the best Walter Krull imitation, and I would love to hear him read Rick’s comment aloud!

  3. back again #

    Walter Krull was a blast!He and his best friend/sidekick (was that George?) were the first customers everyday at the White Hart. A couple of beers for breakfast and off they’d go.
    Do you remember his crazy Arabian Nights shoes with the looooong toe that curled up to the top of his foot? They were a trip. They delivered some wood to me one morning and Walter wouldn’t leave until he had a tour of my place and a shot of whiskey. (Yes I had blonde hair!) Then I had to promise not to tell his wife about the extra 50 bucks he made that day. Loved him!

  4. Gabriolore #

    I think his pal was Howard Davis, who lived in a small house on Malaspina Drive and worked – and drank – with Walter. He didn’t say much, but smoked and drank at Walter’s table nearly every day.

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