Oral History Project

   If you are interested in sharing some tales of Gabriola Island, I am interested in writing about them.   If you know someone who has some stories of the island’s past, I am interested in talking to them.   I am organizing a project to collect some oral history of the island and record it.   I hope to involve as many people as possible.   The resulting work will be made available to the local museum society.   Please contact me through this blog and I will provide details as the project unfolds.    Lets make some history.

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  1. Marjorie Brown #

    Great web-site. My great-great grandfather was the first Presbyterian minister on the island (now the United Church). I think he built the church and he and his wife are buried on the island. My grandmother (wife of his grandson) is still alive and has a lot of memories of early days on Gabriola. The family continued to visit each summer (right down to my generation) until the early 1990′s. I am not sure I would reconize the island now by the sound of things. If you want to reach my grandmother, let me know.

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