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Gabriola Sands

an isthmus and peninsula

Gabriola's most accessible beaches are right here, and they attracted some of the earliest recreational development on the island.

This little peninsula – complete with an isthmus – has some of the island’s nicest waterfront and it is no suprise that is was developed very early on in the history of the island.    City folks from Victoria and Vancouver  who were looking for a nice summer getaway back in the fifties and sixties discovered Gabriola and it’s relatively inexpensive waterfront.     This area was ideal, with nice beaches and moorage and not all that far away from civilization.   The Gabriola Sands development divided  up the little peninsula into many half-acre ‘recreational’ lots.   The fact that water was scarce in that area did not seem to matter, and many summer cottages  were built here.   Over the years most of them have become full-fledged homes with many swanky waterfront places barely visible from the road.  There are still many little summer cabins to be found as well, tucked away behind the greenery.

 It is a unique part of the island and a great penninsula to circumnavigate as a beachcomber.   At low tide, one can park at Gabriola Sands Provincial Park – known colloquially as ‘Twin Beaches’  – and follow the shoreline around from one side to the other.   There are the  two bays – Pilot Bay (the ‘pilot’ boats used to moor there waiting for freighters heading to Nanaimo Harbour)  facing the Georgia Straight,  and Taylor Bay facing Nanaimo.    You may get your feet wet if you miss the beach access and the tide sneaks up on you, but that’s not the end of the world.     Twin Beaches is the island’s busiest beach in the summer, and many spoiled locals bemoan the ‘crowds’ and head for more secluded spots.    Note: Over a dozen people could qualify as a ‘crowd’ on Gabriola.

If you want to get temporarily ‘lost’ on Gabriola, try driving around the Sands at night looking for an address.   Every street looks the same and one crescent seems to be everywhere in the green maze.  

looks familiar....

Have we been here before?

look familiar?

Does this look familiar?

which way?

Left or right?

 should have turned left..

We should have turned right...

we should have gone straight

We should have turned left....


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