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‘The Maples’ Dock

“The Maples” is pretty much the southernmost corner of Gabriola, where South Road turns uphill and away from the water and towards the Community Hall. There was a dock there for many years and those from the other islands would dock at ‘The Maples’ and head up South Road to take the Ferry to Nanaimo. The infamous Brother XII was a regular user of the dock when he came to Gabriola on his way to Nanaimo to get provisions for his cult/farm on DeCourcey Island.

site of historic public dock now private

'The Maples' public dock is a memory now, but the site remains - now owned privately.

Things have changed and public access to the old  ‘maples’ dock site is difficult – partly due to the efforts of a neighbour, who has chosen to install a private dock and discourage any local use of the foreshore.  It is a great example of how local treasures are lost through a combination of ignorance, inaction, apathy, and bureaucracy.    For the determined beach lover, there is a public  ’beach access’ at the end of Shaw Road that can get you to the water.   It may not LOOK like a public access, but it is – right there where the yellow cement marker points to the sea.   It’s a bit of a scramble down and up the bank, but there is a knotted rope there to help.  It will take you to a nice bit of southern waterfront where you get a good look at the site of ‘the Maples’ dock.   The photo above was taken there, from the rocks at low tide.


05 2010