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Pat Burns Avenue


mt benson from a deck on pat burns ave

At least one deck on Pat Burns Ave has this view of Nanaimo's Mt.Benson

     Depending on your age and inclinations, Pat Burns is either a hockey coach or a controversial radio talk-show host from Vancouver. As far as the local avenue in the ‘Harrison Estates’ development – Gabriola’s largest subdivision – the late radio personality is the man for whom it was named.

   Not only did the once popular radio host have a fine avenue named after him,  he earned a lot or two into the bargain for his part in the promotion of the 600+ lot development in the 1960’s.  Blasting across the airwaves of CJOR, Burns would plug the gulf island development regularly, and would-be buyers were offered flights over the island to see the wonderful half-acre lots that were for sale at bargain-basement prices.  Burns became a radio sensation primarily through his entertaining – almost abusive – style. He had many unpopular views –  but he never enjoyed the view from his property on Pat Burns Avenue.  The lots were sold several years ago without Mr.Burns ever having enjoyed life on the island.  


   Several years ago, a group of local residents (presumably from Pat Burns Ave) petitioned to have the name changed to ‘Madrona’ but have not yet succeeded. Perhaps too controversial?


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