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Preacher’s Hill


peterson rd at the top of preachers hill looking towards degnan bay

Looking down Preacher's Hill to Degnan Bay and Valdes Island

This hill at the south end of Peterson Road rises up from South Road.   Before the last section of North Road was finished in the ‘70s, folks heading to Silva Bay from the ferry would take Peterson to South and then on to Silva Bay.   One wet spring, the Preacher who came to give the service at the Log Church, got stuck in the mud on his way back home.   Of course some locals came and pulled him out – with horses I was told – and the hill became know as Preacher’s Hill after that.   Verona (Lucille) Martin, who’s family were early settlers here, told me that story.   She  lived on a nice acreage on South Road near the south end fire hall and she used to sell apples up until the late ‘80s. She had a few tales about the South End and that was one of them, which was corroborated by a couple of other old-timers.

Today ‘Preacher’s Hill is paved and nobody is likely to get stuck – unless we get another big snowstorm.  Coming down the hill you get a very nice view of part of Degnan Bay and across Gabriola Passage  to Valdes Island.  For folks living anywhere off Cooper, Thompson or Price Roads who are heading to the ferry, the decision is always: take Peterson and North Road - or take South Road. The distances are close to the same but the drive is entirely different.


03 2010