The mission of the Gabriola Historical & Museum Society is:

To promote, foster and develop the interests of the residents of Gabriola Island, its visitors and other institutions, in the Island's past, present and future cultural and natural history.

To tell the story of Gabriola Island through special exhibits, displays, lectures, presentations and tours. This story includes the Island’s geology, geography, flora fauna and marine environment, as well as the Islands history, emphasizing the way in which Coast Salish people, European explorers, post-contact pioneers and recent inhabitants have related it its natural setting and earlier history.

To acquire by any legal means, donations or purchases of lands, artifacts or other items that will serve the Society’s interests and purposes.

The purpose of the Gabriola History website is

To further the GHMS mission of telling the story of Gabriola Island. While the Museum Archives is a treasure trove of “all things Gabriola”, this website provides a glimpse into Gabriola’s rich history, with samples of historic photographs, pioneer family histories, census records and voters’ lists, research articles and more.

The Museum Archives are overseen by a volunteer Archivist and several volunteer assistants. Historical documents and photographs are deposited at the Museum, where the Archivist and her team sort and catalogue them in preparation for storage in proper photograph and archival storage boxes, in a climate-controlled room.