Gabriola’s archives contain hundreds of photographs that reflect the Island’s rich history and provide a glimpse into lives of the past. One can only imagine the stories behind the photos below: voters on Election Day; settlers waiting for mail at Gossip Corner; children dressed in May Day finery; farmers in their Sunday best on their way to Church; Gabriola soccer players posing for a team photo.

Man With Cougar, 1894
Man with gun standing with the body of large cougar slung around his neck. Man could be Joseph Chapple, or he may be another of the Chapple family (there is an article in the Free Press of Aug. 30, 1894 about J. Chapple killing a cougar on his land. This "monster panther" was 8'7" long - its mate was still at large when the article was written).
Silva Bay Friends, c. 1910
Black and white photo of four teenage friends at Silva Bay.
Left to right: Fritz Nelson, Joe Davis, Jim Davis and Henry Silva

Hoggan Homestead, c. 1900

Black and white photo of the Hoggan homestead. People are standing outside on the porch.
From left to right: Caleb James Deeming, Albert James Deeming, Alexander Hoggan, Christina Hoggan and Sarah Deeming (nee) Hoggan.
Election Day, Nov. 25, 1909
Photo of election day, 1909. This was a Provincial general election which returned 38 Conservatives, 2 Liberals and 2 Socialists.
Left to right: James Degnen, Richard Chapple, James Lewis, James McLay, John Silva Sr., Thomas Degnen Sr., John Cox, Michael Manley, W. Clark.
Written on front: "A few typical old Liberals"
Gabriola South School in background.
Law Family, Silva Bay c. 1910
Black and white photo of the Law family,torn left and right corners and top left middle.
Written on back in ink: "The two girls are Gwyneth and Betty Law but don't know the rest. Some of the Laws I think." Signed by "Mini." They are located at Silva Bay.
Ready to go to Church, 1914
Black and white photo of two couples in a wagon. Mr. and Mrs. Law are in the front seat and Mr. and Mrs. Stenhouse are in the back.
Silva Bay House, c. 1920
Silva Bay house, family farm - five bedrooms.
Written on back: "The Old House"
Gabriola Soccer Team, c. 1920
Len Dobinson, F. Holland, R. Gray, J. Rollo, A. Millward, B. Holland, R. (Bobby) Howie, W. Gray, V. Moore, H. Wardill, C. Jolly
Gabriola Log Church, 1925
Rear view of log church (Catholic) at the time of its building. Dan McConvey helped get logs. Abraham Crocker donated land. Frank Gibson helped build it. Later the building was shared with Anglicans.
Catholic Church, Gabriola, 1925
Photo of log church on Gabriola. Rev. Thomas O'Donnell (Bishop of Victoria) at right. An automobile to the left.
"Catholic Church Gabriola Is." is written over the roof.

Altar of Gabriola Log Church, 1925

Brickyard Hill, 1926
North Road, 1926
T.P. Taylor with Baby, 1942
Black and white photo of T.P. Taylor holding a baby. On front is written: "TP giving a youngster its first ride home from the hospital."
Joe Silva and Grandson, c. 1930
Joseph Silva with his grandson, Tommy Moore.

Lewis Silva in front of house and store, c. 1930

Picture of Lewis Silva standing in front of his house and store located in Silva Bay.According to Joe and Hertha Davis it was sold with 72 acres of land to Sears in 1938 for $1,500. The store is where the Silva Bay Resort is now located.
Sunset Near Anderson Lodge, c. 1930
Helen and Thomas Coats, c. 1930
Black and white photo of a photo of Helen and Thomas Coats sitting side by side, he reading, she knitting.>br />On back, in ink: "Helen and Thomas Coats"
Gossip Corner, c. 1940
Gossip Corner with TP Taylor's mail truck in forefront.
Gossip Corner, 1940
Gossip Corner with mail car and 12 adults and children standing around the mail boxes with T.P. Taylor leaning on the open car door.
Chatterbox Corner, 1940
Photo of Chatterbox Corner on Berry Point Road and Norwich Hill.
People in photo are: Philip Keatley, Win Gardiner, Phyllis Darling, Sheila Darling, John Harvey and Mrs. Bennet.
Clark House on Clark Bay, c. 1940
View from Anderson Lodge (now the Surf Lodge).
McConveys and Finnamores, c. 1940
Photo of the McConveys and Edgars. Eight people standing in front of a porch.
On back in ink: "1. Wm. McConvey 3. Stan Finnamore 4. Harry Finnamore (woman possibly his wife Vera, nee McConvey"
May Day, 1948
Photo of May Day in 1948 at the North End School.
May Queen: Marilyn Holland (Mrs. Norman Burt). Princesses: Edit Gibson (Mrs. Jack Meyer), Judy Hiley (Mrs. Len Cox) and Heather Coats (Mrs. Alan Thomas?)
On the steps: two unidentified children and an unidentified man at the top of the steps (Les Withey? Miss F. Pullan?), Frank Hiley, Mrs. Irene Cox and Mrs. Katie Baldwin holding Jack and Irene Cox's daughter Linda.
On back: "Gabriola Nth End school May Day 1948. Frank, Irene & Mom holding Linda on the steps."
Ruth and Bill Hulme, c. 1950
Photo of Hulmes sitting on bench enclosed area out of doors, he in uniform, she in nurse's uniform, holding hands.
St. Martin's Anglican Church, April 21, 1957
Black and white photo of a large group of people standing outside the St. Martin's Anglican Church.
On back: "Easter Sunday April 21/57. -- Dedication of the Cross and Bible -- Fred Withey"
Peggy Borland, Mrs. Band, Ma Fairbairn, Bill McCall, Nancy Stokes, Mrs. Brown, Lottie Cox, Muriel Tyhurst, Winnie Tyhurst, Kathleen Cross, Fred Ingles, Sheila Dobinson, Kathy Dobinson, Myrtle McCall, Len Dobinson, Eric Boulton, Ann McCall, Willa McCall, David McCall, Gwenneth Meyer, Wendy Meyer, Brenda Meyer, Carrol Meyer, Nelder Boulton, George Boulton, Molly Boulton, Victoria Cross, Vicky Cross, Bobby Nash, Hazel Windecker, Alison Windecker, Way Dobinson
Dedication of the Gabriola Cemetery, 1958
Photo of the dedication of the Gabriola Cemetery. Several people have been identified: Nancy Stokes, Lily Gray, Eleanor (Tella) Holland, Maudie Gray, Len Dobinson, Sheila Dobinson and Peter Bell.
Potato Digging, c. 1900
Potato digging, people are most likely the Rollo family.
Photo of four adults and three children (one female child on horseback) standing in a field; one male child holding a rifle or shotgun; all picking potatoes.
The caption below, in white says: "potato digging, North Gabriola All Hands & the Cook"