Many of the places and streetnames in use on Gabriola today reflect and honour Gabriola’s early settlers and pioneers. Silva Bay, Degnen Bay, Martin Road, Rollo Park, Hoggan Lake - these are a sample of the places named after early Gabriolans who left their mark on Gabriola.



writing near bottom: "--- GRAND MARCH OF GABRIOLA ISLAND PIONEERS" (cat. no. 1995-007-004) This photo is one of our mysteries. See our Puzzles page.
Louisa Silva
John Silva
Magnus Edgar, c. 1880
Jonathan Martin, c. 1890
Ellen Martin, c. 1880
James Rollo
Black and white photo of James Rollo, pupil. Photo is part of a collage created for the commemoration opening to the Gabriola School addition, November 26, 1976. Date of photo?

Elizabeth and Alexander Hoggan, c. 1880

Rollo Family, c. 1904
Family portrait. Children left to right: Ella, Tina, Jim.