Various types of watercraft were necessary to transport islanders from Gabriola to Vancouver Island and/or the mainland. However, getting around on Gabriola has always been a challenge, with the many hills, twists and turns along its rough dirt and sometimes muddy roads. Horse and carriage, bicycle, mail truck, family car – Gabriola has seen it all.

Three People by Horse and Carriage, c. 1910
Photo of three people standing by a horse and carriage by Degnen Bay area by the wharf. People not identified.
Tim Brown, 1928
Time Brown as a young child in front of the family car with dog lying on the running board.
T.P. Taylor's first taxi and mail car, c. 1940
T.P. Taylor's mail truck.
In typewriting: "Gabriola's first Taxi and Mail Car" and "owned and operated by Mr. T.P. Taylor, Postmaster 1935-1950

Boat Going into Degnen Bay, c. 1930

Gabriola Freight Truck, c. 1940
Photo of a Gabriola freight truck owned by James Rollo. There are several people sitting in the back. Unidentified.
M.V. Atrevida, c. 1940
Photo of the stern or side view of the Atrevida ferry at dock, with two cars on deck and two lifeboats. Cars, with the help of Ron Bannister were identified as late 1930's models.
Atrevida Coming to Wharf, May 1952
On back: "M.V. Atrevida coming to Gabriola Wharf May 1952"